This site is in transition. I am moving out of the area and am hoping to turn it over to others to use for reference or a more formal purpose. I am working with people that are interested, so stay tuned as they are likely to provide more information than I have.

My wife and I love to walk. Sometimes it is just for exercise and sometimes it is for exploration. I almost always come home with something that I want to research. I am always surprised when I discover a neighbor that isn’t aware of all of the walking options that we have. Many of my neighbors never venture into the Whitlock Woods, which I think is a shame. I’m hoping that this information encourages them to explore.

This site is walking and Riverview centric. I will include other areas in my walking maps, but the starting and ending point will generally be in Riverview. I will also include some information on the site that does not involve walking. There are things worth capturing about the area that I have no better place to inflict on others.

I will have a separate page for each walk or topic, so please explore the site and I hope that you find something that you didn’t already know.



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