My wife and I accidentally moved to Riverview 25 years ago. We had purchased a home in the Seaview area of West Seattle, pending inspection, and had sold our house on the “east side”. When an issue arose with the inspection, we dropped our offer and found ourselves on a timeline to being without housing, with two kids.

We were looking for a rental when we came across a new house for sale in Riverview. Having grown up in West Seattle, I knew this was on the “wrong side of the tracks”. But it had almost everything that we were looking for and we needed a place to live. We took it. We could move later. But we wouldn’t.

My wife and I love to walk. Sometimes it is just for exercise and sometimes it is for exploration. I almost always come home with something that I want to research. I am always surprised when I discover a neighbor that isn’t aware of all of the walking options that we have. Many of my neighbors never venture into the Whitlock Woods, which I think is a shame. I’m hoping that this information encourages them to explore.

This site is walking and Riverview centric. I will include other areas in my walking maps, but the starting and ending point will generally be in Riverview. I will also include some information on the site that does not involve walking. There are things worth capturing about the area that I have no better place to inflict on others.

I will have a separate page for each walk or topic, so please explore the site and I hope that you find something that you didn’t already know.



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