The Holden Mess

This is a PowerPoint presentation that I used for the Delridge Neighborhood Street Fund Proposal Presentations this past May 2016. While there were several presentations highlighting various pieces of this horrible puzzle we still ended up with nothing to ease any of the issues.

One thing that I have realized since creating this presentation is that the intersection at Holden & HP Way is signed completely wrong for the actual traffic pattern. While both Holden and Highland Park Way are arterials, the reality is that the bulk of the cars are traveling up HP Way and turning right on Holden, with the reverse also being true as people travel east on Holden and turn left to go down HP Way. The traffic flow and, I believe, the danger of this intersection would be less if the stop signs were on Highland Park Way for those continuing straight or turning left onto Holden.

As you know, our neighborhood has requested a fix here for decades. I have lived here for nearly 30 years now and have seen this get ever worse with the increased density of West Seattle and the increased enrollment at South Seattle College. I would encourage you to come sometime and stand at that intersection during rush hour (morning or evening) and then walk back west to HPIC. You will witness the backups and the cars coming east on Holden and turning north onto the side street when they see the congestion. Not just an occasional car, but one after another. I think that half of the cars traveling north on HP Way are cars that went around the intersection through side streets.

This would all be easy enough to verify. Throw counters on HP Way, both north and south of the intersection. Put more on 11th, 12th, and 13th to the south of Holden. Also, put counters on 12th to the north of Holden to see how much traffic goes through those side streets to avoid the lights at 16th and Holden (and Austin).

This is one of three ways (WS Bridge, HP Way and Roxbury) in and out of West Seattle. It is the only one with a stop sign.

Click on this link to view the PPT fixing-sw-holden