Camp Long

This walk starts at Camp Long, at 35th Ave SW & SW Dawson St. We started this after about five miles of walking, so our time is a little slow. The intent is to show a way to/from both Camp Long and the Delridge library.  If I hadn’t wanted to walk by the library, I would have taken a different route, which I will point out.

Note: The distance between the library and 14th & Holly is just about a mile, making the walk to and from pretty reasonable.

  • Distance: 2.03 miles
  • Time: 55 minutes
  • Starting point: Camp Long, at 35th Ave SW & SW Dawson St (Elevation 370 ft)
  • Ending point: 14th Ave SW & SW Holly St. (Elevation 340 ft)

Walk to the right of the Environmental Learning Center and work your way downhill to the open field. You can see the rock climbing wall above the SE corner of the field. Head towards that, as our trail starts near there.


Look for the sign posts. We will be following the directions for Longfellow Creek. For the most part, any trail that heads more directly downhill is the one that we want. Shortly after the climbing rock, we go by a Challenge Course. Turn right at this intersection.


After turning right at the Challenge Course, follow the trail, which will include a number of stairs and a boardwalk. Finally you will exit onto 29th Ave SW & SW Brandon St. This is at the SW corner of the West Seattle Golf Course. (Elevation 140 ft)


Above is what the gate looks like at this location. They do lock the gate at night.

Walk across the street to the trail and continue to Longfellow Creek. You will see the trail markers.

  • If you wish to go by the Delridge Library, continue across the creek and exit back onto Brandon. Then turn right on Delridge. The Library will be on your right. Afterwards, continue South on Delridge to SW Juneau St.
  • If you do NOT wish to go by the Delridge Library,  follow the creek South to SW Juneau St. Follow Juneau to Delridge.

Cross Delridge on Juneau and turn right on Croft Pl SW. This will take you diagonally up to 21st Ave SW.  Continue South on 21st for just one home/lot. You will see what looks like a gravel driveway. (Elevation 260 ft)


This is actually SW Graham St. Walk down past the houses and you will find a staircase which will take you through the ravine (Elevation 210 ft)  to 18th Ave SW (Elevation 270 ft) .

When you exit the ravine, you should be able to see down SW Graham St to the stairs that you will climb to 16th Ave SW (Elevation 280 ft).

Turn right at 16th Ave SW and then left at SW Holly St. At 15th Ave SW, there is a trail that continues up to our destination of 14th Ave SW (Elevation 340 ft).


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