Dump Truck Run

This is actually the reverse of the route that the dump trucks would take. Of course, once you hit the end of this route, you can return the correct direction. The time is going to be longer. Just keep telling yourself “it is a 10% grade”.

  • Distance: .71 miles
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Starting point: 14th Ave SW & SW Holly St (Elevation 340 ft)
  • Ending point: Highland Park Way (Elevation 60 ft)


Begin by heading North into the Whitlock Woods. Continue up to the end of what would be 14th Ave SW. You are now standing on what would be SW Morgan St. You can see the college and how much of the hill was cut out by the sand and gravel operations. Turn right to head downhill.


In the area of what would be 12th, you will see some shipping containers that Nature Consortium uses for storage. There is a wide trail heading to the left. Don’t take that one. It is a gated service area to SSCC. There are actually some other trails off of that, but for another time.  So, take the smaller trail to the right and continue downhill.


You will come across a number of small offshoot trails. You can ignore them for now. Not long after the shipping containers, you will hit a wet area with a fairly large trail to the right. That one is to the Pee Wee fields, so stay straight and downhill.

There are a few signs here of operations, other than the hill contours.


A non-native light pole.


Be on the alert for these posts. They have information on the birds that migrate through here. They are starting to deteriorate now, but apparently that was the idea. It was to be art that was interesting and educational, but that would leave no lasting footprint.

The main trail becomes pretty obvious now.


When you reach the gate at Highland Park Way SW, you are done with this hike. Continue on one of the other hikes, turn around and walk back up, or cross Highland Park Way SW (go down to the light) and walk up the sidewalk.


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