Georgetown Brewing

Truth be told, our walk down to Georgetown was actually so that we could go to Costco. But that sounded like a lame walk, so I decided to record the walk from Georgetown Brewing, though I am giving the directions as if we had walked there. The time is a little long, because we were already tired, it was hot and it is much slower going to climb the hill than to walk down it.

  • Distance: 2.75 miles
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Starting point: 14th Ave SW & SW Holly St (Elevation 340 ft)
  • Ending point: 5200 Denver Ave S (Elevation 20 ft)

Begin by heading North into the Whitlock Woods. If you are not familiar with this trail, please refer to my Dump Truck Run walk. Follow the trail down to Highland Park Way.

At Highland Park Way, walk downhill to West Marginal Way. There is actually sidewalk for much of the way, but it is buried and overgrown. You may have to beat your way through here. Cross West Marginal at the light and continue straight, along Highland Park Way SW. You are now on the Duwamish Trail.

As you approach the First Avenue South Bridge, the trail will split. You should see a sign pointing to the left for Georgetown. Take the slight left which will begin leading you up to the pedestrian/bicycle bridge. You will cross over on the First Avenue South Bridge, which can be a little noisy. But the views can be nice or at least interesting.


As you come down on the other side, you go under the Michigan Street exit. As you reach the street, you will cross the street and head back towards where the exit lands. Follow the bicycle signs, crossing under the exit, as you can only cross East Marginal Way South on that side of the street.


Cross East Marginal Way South. You can then cross South Michigan Street or continue East on South Michigan Street.


The above image is the view looking West on South Michigan Street, across East Marginal Way S, which you just crossed.

Continue East to 4th Ave South and cross the street. If you have not yet crossed South Michigan Street, do that now. The East side of the street has more sidewalks. You should now be walking North 4th Ave South.

Turn right on South Orcas Street.

Turn left on 6th Ave South. There are not many sidewalks in here, so walk carefully. Continue North on 6th Ave South until it ends. Look to the right, across Denver Avenue South and you should see Georgetown Brewing.


Go on up the ramp. Those big doors will open automatically for you. They don’t have a brewpub, but they can give you tastes of their beers. They also have a shop with hats, t-shirts, etc. You can also buy a half-gallon “growler” for that walk home.



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