Longfellow Creek Trail North

This is a fairly easy walk down and a little harder coming back up. We are walking the north end of the Longfellow Creek Trail. This is a mix of wooded trail and streets.

  • Distance: 2.97 miles (one way)
  • Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Starting point: 14th Ave SW & SW Myrtle St (Elevation 340 ft)
  • Ending point: SW Yancey St, near 28th Ave SW

Head West (downhill) on SW Myrtle Street.  Cross 16th Ave SW and continue straight, past Sanislo Elementary School.  As SW Myrtle Street ends, there is a long flight of stairs that will take you down to Delridge Way SW.

There is a pedestrian crossing, with a light, just to the South of the stairs. Use it to cross. Then continue on SW Myrtle Street, for one block, to 23rd Avenue SW. Turn right.

From here on, you need to watch for two different types of signage. There are a combination of brown posts and flags.  The posts are generally when the trail is in the woods and the flags are only when the trail is on the street.


If you are not sure which way to go on the street, you sometimes have to look for a half block to see the flags. So, follow these instructions or watch carefully.

On our walk, we missed a short trail section that will take you from 23rd Avenue SW to 24th Avenue SW, which you should watch for on your left, about a half block after you turn on to 23rd Avenue SW.

Turn left on SW Willow Street. This is a short dead-end street and you will find the trail entrance to the right. Enter the woods.

Shortly, you will come out on 24th Ave SW. Follow it past the “Y” intersection with 25th Ave SW. You will walk by a few more houses. Watch for the trail entrance on your left. Take it.

The trail will emerge again at SW Juneau Street. Turn left.   The street dead-ends by a power substation. The trail starts again on the right.

The trail emerges again at SW Brandon Street. Just before, it splits up and may be confusing. Stay right. No matter what you do, you will emerge on SW Brandon Street. Turn right. Or just cross the street and meander through the trails in the park.

Turn left (North) on 26th Avenue SW and continue to SW Genessee Street. Cross SW Genessee Street and then turn left. After about six houses, the woods start and there is a flight of stairs going down. Take them.


You will cross Salmon Bone bridge.


There are pleasant creek views.


Towards the end of the trail is Dragonfly Pavilion, some of which you can see from the trail. It is a short walk up and this may be where you want to rest before turning back.


You may as well continue on to SW Yancy Street to complete the trail. The exit is by a large fitness club where people are paying to walk in place.


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