Stock Walk

This is our usual walk. It uses nearly every street in Riverview, without much repetition, and provides some good hill climbs to get the heart rate up. There are no arterials to cross, so you can maintain your pace, with the likely exception of talking to neighbors.

Clearly you can start anywhere on this route, but I would encourage you to do some flat before the hills.

  • Distance: 3.3 miles
  • Time: 1 hour 8 minutes
  • Starting point: 14th Ave SW & SW Holly St (Elevation 340 ft)
  • Ending point: 14th Ave SW & SW Holly St
  1. Head South on 14th
  2. Turn left on Myrtle
  3. Turn left on 13th
  4. Turn right on Holly
  5. Turn right on 12th
  6. Turn right on Orchard
  7. Turn left on 16th (Elevation 260 ft)
  8. Turn left on Othello
  9. Turn right on 12th (Elevation 370 ft)
  10. Turn right on Webster
  11. Turn left on 16th (Elevation 310 ft)
  12. Turn left on Holden (This is your opportunity to stop at the Fire Station for an EKG)
  13. Turn left on 15th
  14. Turn right on Webster
  15. Turn right on 14th
  16. Turn left on Holden
  17. Turn left on 13th
  18. Turn right on Webster
  19. Turn right on 12th  (Elevation 370 ft)
  20. Turn left on Holden (Check to see if it is Corner Bar or Movie Night at HPIC)
  21. Turn left on 11th
  22. Turn right on Webster
  23. Turn left on path behind ball fields
  24. Continue on trail to the end of the park
  25. Turn left on Holly or just head home

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