The Stairmaster

This walk takes us up 16th, across from SSCC, where we follow Graham up to Highpoint.

  • Distance: 1.07 miles
  • Time: 27 minutes
  • Starting point: 14th Ave SW & SW Holly Street  (Elevation 340 ft)
  • Ending point: Highpoint Dr SW & SW Graham Street  (Elevation 340 ft)

Walk the trail downhill from 14th Ave SW & SW Holly St. to 16th Ave SW. Turn right on 16th Ave SW and cross to the other side, when you have a chance.


At SW Graham Street  (Elevation 280 ft), turn left and walk down the stairs. You will continue on the sidewalk/street to the top of the hill. If you look carefully at the photo above, you can see the same pile of chips that is in the photo below.


This shot was taken at 18th Ave SW  (Elevation 280 ft), looking West on SW Graham St. Here you will continue on stairs and sidewalk through a three block wide ravine  (Elevation 210 ft). At 21st Ave SW  (Elevation 260 ft), you will cross the street and continue down a flight of stairs to the play-field at the Louisa Boren school  (Elevation 180 ft).


At the Louisa Boren school play-field, we want to continue straight, but we have to go around the fences. There is a pedestrian entrance to the field on the SW corner (to the left in the photo above) which is hidden by a wood backstop.

From here we need to cross Delridge Way. If it is busy, you should cross at the light at Delridge Way SW and SW Juneau St. Otherwise, cross with great caution at SW Graham St.


Graham is just South of a formal entrance to the Longfellow Creek trail. Head for the “Dead End” sign and our trail continues to the right, where we will be crossing Longfellow Creek  (Elevation 140 ft).


You should see trail markers at this point, including ones directing you straight to High Point.  As the section of SW Graham St above ends, our trail and a huge flight of stairs begin.

Graham-near-Highpoint-DrAt the top of the stairs, we enter the High Point neighborhood next to some homes and a small park  (Elevation 340 ft).

Turn around and reverse your walk back or walk NW to Camp Long and take the Camp Long walk back.


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