Walk of Wine and Roses

This is a fairly low impact walk, that takes us through the SSCC campus. There are no arterials to cross, so you can maintain your pace, with the likely exception of enjoying the gardens, tasting wine or having lunch.

  • Distance: 2.7 miles
  • Time: 1 hour – not allowing for strolling or tasting
  • Starting point: 14th Ave SW & SW Holly St (Elevation 340 ft)
  • Ending point: 14th Ave SW & SW Holly St

Head South on 14th Ave SW, turning right on SW Myrtle Street and then right again on 16th Ave SW.  Continue North on 16th Ave SW until you arrive at the North entrance for SSCC.

NorthEntrance‘Cross the entrance and turn right towards campus.


Continue past the guard shack. In the photo above, you can see the school’s new building for the Northwest Wine Academy on the other side of the parking lot.

To your left will be an entrance to the school’s Arboretum. It is maintained by the Landscape Horticulture program. Take a walk through it.


Just past the Arboretum is the Chinese Garden. While it is a work in progress, it is still interesting to walk through. Walk down the cobblestone walkway through the wood gates. There is currently no entrance fee.


In back of the main building, find the Song Mei Pavilion. This was the first structure built and has the more mature landscaping.


Now head back out and angle across the parking lot towards the purple Northwest Wine Academy building.


The store is open daily from 11AM. It is open until 5PM, Monday through Thursday and until 2PM on Fridays.


Wine tastings are Thursday and Friday 11AM – 2PM. There is no fee for tasting.

From the NWWA, head due South along the building. You will go between the Aviation Maintenance and Technology Center buildings, then the University Center and Welding buildings.  Take the next right, which is next to the Culinary Arts Building.

On the West side, you will see the Cafeteria. Less obvious are the two restaurants, which offer fine dining at bargain costs. Cafe Alki seats at 11:00, 11:30 and Noon. A bit more elegant is the Alhadeff Grill. Be sure and follow the links to check availability and menu.



Head South to the parking lot and turn right. Cross the parking lot entrance and follow the driveway down to 16th Ave SW. Turn left.

Turn left again at SW Holly Street. There is a trail on the SW Holly Street right of way. Follow it up to 14th Ave SW.


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